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5 Best Budget Restaurants in Surat | Eating Joints in Surat

If you are a true foodie, we know where you spend most of your savings on. Let’s say, most days you love to indulge yourself in food that’s tempting and looks picturesque to share in your stories and then there are days when you crave for nothing but that devine food that satisfies your palate with spices and helps you save a little extra for your next craving. In this post we are discussing five best pocket-friendly yet delicious places to eat in Surat.

  1. Mahesh Paav bhaaji (Price for Two: 250)

Running the best Pav Bhaji place in Surat, this local brand has located its pillars at Parle point, Vesu, as well as Adajan. Their range of pav bhaji are a solution to your ultimate hunger. Their food has been winning hearts of Surti foodies for many years. A taste that has remained consistent and serves as both a dine-in as well as a take-away food joint. As one of the most visited places during weekends, Mahesh Pavbhaji serves Chinese, South India, Continental, and Desserts, altogether at one spot. 

  1. Mahalaxmi Fast Food and Juice Corner (Price for Two: 200)

Thickshakes, Cold coco, Grill Sandwich, or all? One benefit that these food joints bring along is ‘you can eat as much as you want to without worrying about your pocket money’. Being situated at one of the most common paths for the localities of Surat, Mahalaxmi Fast Food blooms at Palanpur Patia and near Gujarat gas circle, Adajan. Mahalaxmi’s best selling product is their Cold Coco and Kaju-anjeer thick shake. The food is well packaged even for a take-away and is always reviewed to be fresh and in good quality by most Surtis.

  1. Mumbai Grill (Price for Two: 150)

One best thing about going for a dine-in and still spending comparatively low price is a blessing. One such place is Mumbai Grill situated at Citylight, here you can find some of the classic Grill vada paav, Maayo Paavs, and sandwiches. Many college students and employees from various firms like to visit this place for its quality at a pocket-friendly price. Grill cheese vada pav and Open toast cheese sandwich are the two mostly ordered dishes from their menu. 

  1. Ajay’s Takeaway (Price for Two: 150)

Craving some burgers and cold coffee, but only got 100-150 bucks? Find Ajay’s food joint at various locations of Surat and ask for a classic cold coffee worth Rs. 20 and cry some extra tears for extra 100 bucks you paid at famous cafes around you. They always have offers running on their veg burgers and pizzas which can save you a fortune of money and satisfy your small cravings.

  1. Karnavati Fast Food (Price for Two: Rs. 140)

Karnavati Fast Food is the spot you can go to and cherish a variety of pizza, burgers, and sandwiches. This tiny corner situated on LP Savani road, Adajan has their own creation and their best selling product called ‘Karnavati Bowls’. These are bowlsome food full of veggies, spices, bread, and cheese which will satisfy your hunger in just Rs 40! 

Head on to these joints for some good quality food served in sufficient quantity which is an excellent deal for their price. Check out these spots to fulfil your hunger and let us know which one you liked the most.


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