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[UPDATED] 5 Best Cafes in Surat | 5 Places To Have Best Coffee In Surat

The independent coffee scene is blooming in Surat as many budding coffee shops are emerging that not only focus on beautiful ambiance but also have excellent quality of coffee. Some of these run by providing a brilliant quality experience but also by doing their bit for the farmers and the planet. Read this post to know more about these five places owned by Surti entrepreneurs and pick your spot for a daily dose of caffeine.

  1. The Good Stuff (Average for two 300)

A tiny, cozy, and divinely quirky corner of the city blooms with a creative set of coffee lovers. The Good Stuff provides an ambiance where one can not at all fail at finding inspiration wherever the eyes fall. Their finely curated menu includes some of the unique coffee experiences like Chemex coffee made hot or on ice, cold brews and highly tempting desserts. Good Stuff has a wide range of brownies, Cinnamon buns, Doughnuts, Bagel sandwiches, Croissants, and what not! No one can stop a creative person from bringing new delicacies for the foodies of Surat. Their recent creations include Avocado Croissant, Lemon curd cheesecakes, and Good coffee cake! 

2. Episode Coffee Lounge (Average for two 400)

Another place for specialty coffee with an ambiance that can win everyone’s heart. Cozy, perfectly lit and highly work-friendly, Episode cafe has everything that a workaholic as well as a group of friends intending to chill look forward to. From a variety of manually brewed coffee to a range of delectable desserts, this place is well known to savour Strawberry and white chocolate as well as Biscoff cheesecake, Key lime pie and their signature Three layered chocolate mousse cake. Apart from the delicacies and coffee, this cafe situated in Vesu also provides a gorgeous outdoor seating which seems extremely inviting to most of its patrons.

  1. Meraki The Coffee House (Average for two 300)

Whether it’s the simple yet classic interior or the fragrance of coffee pulling you towards the cafe, Meraki has become a favorite and highly recommended place to everyone who shares a love for coffee. With its ever welcoming staff who make your cup of joe after understanding your taste of coffee, we are sure none of you will want to skip visiting this place. Being the pioneers of specialty coffee in Surat, and situated at two they have been brewing since four years and are playing a key role in educating the crowd with the required knowledge on home-brewing. Be it hot pour-over, cold brew tonics, limelite, frappes, or their cheesecakes, walnut brownie, and spiced croissants, patrons of Meraki enjoy all delicacies on the go or at the cafe.

Location: 108, SNS Platina, Someshwara Enclave, Vesu, Surat, Gujarat 395007

4. The Centre Court (Average for two 250)

A place well known for its desserts and customized cakes since 1998 is now getting more popular in millennials due to their newly evolved coffee game. The Centre Court is situated in the centre of the city, near Parle Point and has got a peaceful outdoor ambiance that is enjoyed the most in evenings. Be it a hot/iced pour over or a frappe, the place not only serves coffees, excellent cheesecakes, pies, and macaroons but also serves ice creams well-crafted from real fruits. 

5. Bring Me Cafe (Average for two 250)

Looking for an outdoor cafe which does not need a Google map to locate? Head straight to Bring me Cafe for some cappuccino, specialty coffee, and some delightful snacks. If you are at Bring me, you must try their creamy blend frappes and thin crust pizza. Freshly baked and easy on the pocketbook. Savour all you need at one place with your buddies and enjoy the view of the renown side of Surat from this cafe situated adjacent to main road at Piplod.

Check out these alluring places from Surat which are pumping with positive energy and playing a vital role in filling inspiration to most people of the city. Let us know if you try any of these places after reading this article.


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